5 Signs You Need to Call Professional Irrigation Services

Water is an essential factor in having a beautiful lawn. If you’re a busy professional who wants to enjoy a vibrant, healthy lawn without putting in too much work, you might have installed an irrigation system for yourself. However, you must understand that a properly installed and maintained irrigation system is key to low-maintenance lawn care.

In this article, you will learn the telling signs it’s time to call for professional irrigation experts to ensure the maximum performance of your irrigation system any time of the year.

What Is an Irrigation System and Why Is It Important?

Irrigation systems are devices that supply water through different pumps, sprays, and tubes. One of the most common irrigation systems is a sprinkler system, which you may usually see on residential lawns. Other types of irrigation systems are surface irrigation, drip irrigation, and more. Regardless of the type, it is meant to provide water efficiently and effectively to keep your plants and other crops healthy, especially during the summer.

Modern sprinklers and irrigation systems are equipped with different features to conserve more water while delivering optimal irrigation to keep your lawn and landscapes healthy. Aside from saving you time and money in watering your lawn regularly, a well-designed irrigation system prevents your yard from overwatering or drought. Too little or too much water is detrimental to your plants and trees, so it would be best to have your irrigation systems checked now and then to ensure that it’s operating properly.

5 Telling Signs It’s Time for Professional Irrigation Services

Irrigation Services in Bradenton

1. Run-Offs On Walkways and Driveways

When you start noticing unusual amounts of water running onto your walkways and other areas of your yard, it mostly means that the soil cannot absorb more water, and you may be overwatering your plants. You can try to run your irrigation system for a shorter time, but if the problem persists, calling a professional to diagnose the issue is your best choice. It’s vital to avoid prolonging this situation; otherwise, your water bills will skyrocket, and your lawn may suffer.

2. Faulty System Controller

When your controller starts to act up, it will affect the overall efficiency of your irrigation system. It could be an electrical issue or other issues that irrigation experts must address immediately to prevent further damage. So when you experience a faulty controller, don’t wait too long and look for a dependable irrigation service provider right away, like Superior Yard.

3. Poor Water Pressure

Having poor water pressure can make your irrigation system ineffective in supplying water to your lawn, keeping it from reaching the irrigation zones, which can have drastic consequences if left unfixed. In typical cases, it could be from a blockage, leaky pipes, and other back-end problems. But if you could not see a significant reason behind the poor water pressure, it’s time to call for professional irrigation services.

4. Missing Nozzles

It’s not unusual to lose nozzles when you’ve had your irrigation system installed for a long time. Moreover, typical wear and tear is expected, especially with regular yard work and lawn maintenance. So keep an eye out for large amounts of water pouring from your system, which can be a sign of missing nozzles and other damages that can turn into a major problem if not fixed as soon as possible.

5. Buzzing Pumps

Hearing a static-like buzzing from your pump is a warning sign that your irrigation pump start relay is experiencing some issues. The irrigation pump start relay is responsible for activating the system, so it is crucial to address the issue immediately before your entire irrigation system completely breaks down. Contact Superior Yard as soon as you hear buzzing so that our irrigation experts can find the cause and fix the problem quickly.


If you observe any of the signs above, it’s time to ask for help from the pros. Superior Yard is a dependable landscape company in Bradenton that offers professional irrigation services for residential and commercial properties. For expert irrigation maintenance, repairs, and other services, our skilled and qualified team is here to save your day. We have complete tools and equipment for your irrigation needs, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.



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