Basic Lawn Care and Maintenance Tips

Lawn Care

Do you want to keep your yard green and healthy? Take our tips to keep your lawn condition at its best.

A well-groomed, well-kept lawn can be the perfect background for colorful border plants, making it an ideal location for summer picnics and a place to forage for birds and other animals. In this article, we’ll show you how to maintain your yard throughout the seasons.

Useful Lawn Care and Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

The first time you take care of your lawn is a beautiful feeling. You’ve worked hard to get here, but now, the lawn beneath your feet is yours to manage. If you can learn how to maintain the first grass you have, it is possible to make your dreams of lush, dense turf and backyard entertainment come true. Begin by taking your lawn one step at a time as you learn these lawn care tips.

1. Use weed killers that are safe for the grass.

There are a variety of weed killers designed to be non-toxic to grass but dangerous to weeds. They work by incorporating ingredients that kill broadleaf weeds and insects but do not harm your lawn’s grass. Of course, the best herbicide for your yard will depend on the grass you’re cultivating. However, a grass-safe herbicide is readily available for any grass type.

Weed killers are essential in keeping your lawn healthy and looking great. By killing the weeds, you can avoid the unsightly appearance and health problems that they can cause. Weed killers also make it easier to care for your lawn, as you will not have to use your hands to remove the weeds and ensure your yard is protected from unwelcome plants.

2. Mow your lawn properly – do not scalp it!

lawn care and maintenance

Most homeowners in many commit the mistake of over-trimming their lawns which can cause weakening and even cause the grass to die. Cutting it excessively short or scalping it can result in severe consequences. Of course, you don’t want to have a lawn with patches. We all want our grounds to look good, so we advise properly trimming your grasses. Proper trimming is the most effective method to combat grass diseases and weeds. Cutting your grasses to the recommended height will help them receive the sun’s rays and essential nutrients needed to grow and be healthy. So if you want to maintain a lovely lawn, ensure you’re doing it correctly. Do not scalp!

3. Know when to water your lawn.

The rule of thumb for taking care of plants is to feed them well. Grass’ needs are the same. Water will make your grass healthy, but remember to do it at the right time, which is early in the morning. The best time to water the lawn is just before 9:00 am. It gives ample time for the rain to absorb into the soil to evaporation from the what of the afternoon. There are also lesser winds during the day, which can prevent the droplets of water from drying too fast. On the other hand, watering your lawn after 6:00 pm gives enough time for your water to sit and soak and therefore increases the chances of fungus growth.

The best way to avoid soaking your yard and being an area for fungus is to water your lawn by using a sprinkler system that distributes the water evenly over the entire yard. You should also ensure water during the early morning or evening hours when the sun isn’t shining directly on the lawn. This will help prevent evaporation and save you money on your water bill.

4. Use suitable fertilizers.

Fertilizing your lawn can save you a lot of time and money. This will help it resist disease and pests and make your property grow thicker and healthier. You can find a lot of fertilizer at your local hardware or home improvement store.

Many of the fertilizers today contain weed-control treatments. However, even the ones not helping in weed control give the grass the nutrients it requires to grow strong and sturdy.

Grass gets nutrients from the soil. Therefore, proper fertilization is a significant element that contributes to its health. With adequate fertilization, you can grow thick grass that will aid in the elimination of soil runoff. Moreover, adequately fertilized soil is less likely to degrade during natural storms.

In addition, proper fertilization also maintains healthy soil that will grow healthy grass for the next few years.  A healthy lawn that is properly fertilized will be more resistant to the damage caused by insects. If your fertilizer contains insecticides, the larger your yard is, the harder it is for pests to get a hold of it.

Fertilizers are investments that will be useful for years! Not sure what fertilizer to go for? Call us, and we’ll take care of that!

5. Control the pests from infesting your lawn.

Several different pest varieties can storm your lawns. Cutworms that damage your grassroots, along with moles that dig gophers, voles, and other rodents, can impede grass growth and cause unsightly mounts, patches, and holes. There are fertilizers available along with general insect control if you think you’re experiencing an issue with the tiny creatures living in soils. If you’re faced with a problem of more significant pest types like rodents, try trapping or employ professionals to eliminate their presence on your lawn.

Other Ways to Maintain Your Lawn

Seeing a beautiful lawn makes you want to have one but taking care of it is tricky. But glance around, and you’ll see your neighbors’ yards that look as green as can be. You can do that too! You can make your lawn thrive through the seasons with proper learning and getting smart tips from experts like Superior Yard.

As you well know the basics of lawn care, here are the other lawn care tips that may help you.

  • Regularly trimming your lawn can help stimulate healthy and green grass growth.
  • You were cutting off the weeds like clovers and dandelions when you noticed they could prevent the weeds from competing with the growth of your grass.
  • You can also scatter grass seeds across empty patches to start back to growth.
  • Use stored rainwater and grey rainwater to water the lawn during dry summers to prevent it from becoming brown and avoid post-drought care expenses.
  • Use the fork to open up areas of trampled soil to help revive them and remove dead plants in autumn to keep the lush, green grass.
  • In addition, mowing regularly, watering correctly, and fertilizing at the right time will help your grass thrive.

Make Your Yard Stand out with Superior Yard’s Lawn Care Services

A well-maintained lawn doesn’t need to be a daunting task or a complex of step-by-step mumbo-jumbo maintenance. However, it requires an understanding of primary lawn care. The type of grass you’ve got will affect the way you approach its health. And as long as you keep it clean, well fertilized, properly cut, watered, and fed, you will have a lawn you can be proud of.

Engaging in a lawn maintenance service is also a great idea if you feel that you aren’t up to the job, but if you know these basics, that will do. You just have to put a little love and practice into your lawn.

Do you want to maintain your lawn but have no time to prep it and do the care? Call us today, and we will give you the yard you’ll be happy to glance at. Please let us know your most tried and tested lawn care methods below!



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