Different Types of Landscaping for Your Home


Have you ever visited a property with breathtaking landscape? There is no question that the sight left you in awe, right? That is what carefully designed landscapes with detailed finish due to you; their aesthetic appeal blows your mind!

There are a number of landscaping styles available for residential and commercial properties. You can choose from simpler designs or go with something original and decorative. You can use these types of landscaping to enhance your property. To make your decision a bit easier, this article will give you an overview of landscaping, its intangible benefits, factors to consider when choosing a style, and other recommendations based on your goals.

Without further ado, let’s explore landscaping in more detail.

What Is Landscaping?

Landscaping is the process of beautifying a yard or a piece of land, making it more attractive by making alterations to the existing design. This usually involves the addition of ornaments, flora, and fauna; building of decks, patios, and planters; construction or modification of landforms, terrain, and man-made water bodies (such as garden ponds and water fountains), etc.

It takes knowledge, experience, and proficiency to complete such an intricate task as landscaping. Bringing the homeowner’s vision to reality may be challenging if they have something, in particular, they want to see in their landscape. The landscaper’s task is to take their client’s needs into consideration, look at the yard as a piece of canvas, and transform it into a living work of art.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Different Types of Landscaping for Your Property

There are many different factors and strategies involved in landscaping, and this is one of the reasons why it is a big investment in terms of time and effort needed. You can decorate, spruce up, and improve your piece of land by yourself, or you can hire professionals to do it for you.

Making the most of what you have is one of the most crucial aspects of landscape design. If you want a traditional English garden, but your yard doesn’t support it, it will not work out. If you live in a dry, tropical place, you should think about including drought-tolerant plants and xeriscaping your garden.

Here are a few factors to consider before considering various types of landscaping for your property.

Weather conditions

You should take the climate in your area into consideration, especially if it is dry or humid. Depending on where you live, use plants for your yard that can survive dry weather or the winter season.

Purpose of landscaping

Usually, the outdoor space is used for gardening, play, or occasional parties and picnics. Before starting any development, it is important to consider what the landscape will be for. If you live with kids or pets, you will want an environment-friendly and kid-friendly landscape.

Personal style

When choosing a style for your landscape, you should also take into account your personal taste, preferences, and lifestyle. Also, consider what your landscape will look like in a few years.


How much are you willing to shell out for your landscape? The normal budget for a landscaping project usually ranges from $5000 to $50,000, depending on its complexity. You also have to take into consideration the costs of its maintenance.

Required maintenance

Speaking of maintenance, it will obviously take time to maintain your yard. Do you enjoy taking care of your yard on your own, or do you prefer to hire yard experts for the job? If you don’t have the time, the tools, or the skills to do so, then it might be best to opt for professional yard maintenance services for your property.

6 Types of Landscaping for Your Property

types of landscaping

The best landscape styles are those that have been meticulously planned and designed. You can base your own designs on different types of landscaping. You can also use your imagination to combine several looks to create a custom style. A landscaping expert can give you precise recommendations on what will be best for your yard, or you can decide on a style on your own.

English Garden Style

The English garden landscaping design is carried out in a way that enhances the home’s architectural style. Beautiful perennials and shrubs are combined with other ornamental plants. It often requires ponds, bridges, and other decorative elements.

Oriental/Tropical Style

The use of plants, water, and rocks creates unique perspectives and angles for the tropical landscape style. It requires water features like fountains, junipers, and topiary to accent the garden.

Woodland Landscape

This would be a fantastic option for someone who has very little time to devote to maintenance because it emulates how plants and animals grow in woodland environments.

Formal Landscape

This landscape design makes extensive use of geometric patterns and neat, straight-lined plant groupings you usually see in castles and movies. There is a lot of pruning, and it often needs a lot of maintenance and care.

Informal Landscape

The curved-edge designs, coupled with random plant placements, make this design a wise choice for houses with active kids or pets. Most homeowners favor this style since it requires less upkeep.

Cottage-Style Landscape

The extraordinary beauty of the cottage-style garden is regarded as timeless and historical. It can also be improved by adding herbs, magnolia trees, hydrangeas, and lilacs. This type of landscape also needs regular maintenance.

Benefits of Landscaping

Dream homes should be stunning from all corners and sides. Beautifying your property does not have to be limited to just your physical house. Spending money on a landscaping project is justified because it enhances your property’s overall design. You can see how landscaping can improve your property and be beneficial to you and the neighborhood.

Here are the good things that landscaping can do to your property.

Improves health and wellness

A clean, beautiful environment is proven to reduce stress levels. If you’ve previously struggled with your health, having a well-kept front or backyard can inspire you to spend more time outside, take long strolls, and breathe fresh air. You can also cultivate vegetables and fruit-bearing trees.

Creates a venue for socializing

Good landscaping provides you with a suitable venue for social activities. If you are fond of vegetable gardening, outdoor grilling, parties, or other summertime activities, a wonderful landscape is a practical addition to your property.

Increases your property value

When the time comes to sell your lovely home, a good landscape can help increase your property’s market value. If your property has a beautiful landscape, there is a higher chance for it to attract prospective buyers, reducing the time it stays on the market.

Explore Different Types of Landscaping in Bradenton, Florida with Superior Yard

Landscaping takes a lot of planning and work, but the results will be spectacular. By making improvements to your landscape, you make your property stand out in your neighborhood. This is why landscaping is sometimes called the crown jewel of the house.

If you need help with landscaping, you can call Superior Yard. Our team offers the best advice, creating and offering customized landscape solutions in and around the Bradenton area for business and residential properties. Do not hesitate to consult us anytime!



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