Front Yard Landscaping Ideas You Should Try

front yard landscaping ideas

Increasing your home’s curb appeal with landscaping is always a smart choice, whether you have just moved into the home you’ve bought, or trying to sell a property you’ve outgrown.

How can you make your front yard look like it’s worth a million dollars without going way over your budget? Here are ten budget front yard landscaping ideas that can transform your landscape canvas into something breathtaking.

10 Budget-Friendly Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

1. Build a stepping stone walkway

One of the most cost-effective additions to your front yard landscape is a stepping stone walkway. Stepping stones can be set in various ways, such as by digging and filling them with cement or by purchasing them separately from a supply store. Additionally, regular front yard landscape maintenance can help stepping stone walkways last longer.

2. Lay brick edging around your flower beds

Making an edging gives the garden bed a polished, sophisticated look and feel. Not only does it highlight the plants, but it also prevents flowers from entering the grass or hedge area. A garden bed edging keeps things straightforward and economical because they are easy to build. For a minimalist look, you can also fill your front yard flower bed with gravel.

3. Do xeriscaping

Low-cost front yard xeriscaping is becoming more popular over recent years. This straightforward landscaping is perfect for hot and dry weather because it requires little water maintenance. Moreover, adding drought-tolerant plants in gravel-covered beds makes it look amazing and breezy. You can get away with having only a few plants for a minimalist appearance.

4. Consider artistic design with large rocks

Big rocks are your friends when it comes to front yard landscaping. A few strategically placed rocks will look trendy and unique on your landscape. Tiered and horizontal rock designs ensure you have well-defined plant and flower formations. If you like hard landscaping, a few artsy large rocks work wonderfully for a grotto design. You can easily accentuate different rock sizes from the facade entering the house.

front yard landscaping

5. Use the classic picket fence

One garden and front yard design that never goes out of style is the picket fence. You won’t need to spend that much to erect cherry-looking picket fences. You can add roses and lilacs to accent it well. Using sturdy fences for a bigger yard perimeter can be costly, but it’s highly recommended.

6. Install a birdbath

The most ambitious front yard landscaping idea is probably installing a water feature. If you invest some time and money, your front yard will be graced with an unforgettable focal point. When positioned correctly, birdbaths enhance the front yard while providing local birds with a place to unwind, splash around, and quench their thirst. They boost your front yard’s appeal at a very low cost.

7. Add soft lighting

If you’re building your front yard from the ground up, consider putting spotlights. No matter how big or small your front yard may be, you will need outdoor lighting to illuminate it, especially at night, and give it a whimsical or relaxing vibe. Your lighting doesn’t even have to be of the expensive kind.

8. Add charming flowerbeds

For front garden landscaping, it’s recommended to use flowers since they breathe life and color into any setting. Using clusters of a few distinct plants can prevent the landscape from looking overly cluttered. Adding some bee-attracting flowers, evergreens, grasses, or bushes will also improve the look of your front yard.

9. Include a hedge

If you want to add a hedge around your front yard, make sure to pick plants that will look beautiful and do well with the soil. A hedging plant that resists sudden drops in temperatures is essential as weather patterns become more unpredictable. Give your property a memorable and regal first impression with gorgeous, structured planting that requires little maintenance.

10. Plant a tree for shade

For an instant curb appeal, a tree is a lovely, affordable option for any front yard. If you have a small front yard, a single tree creates a beautiful center of attention, especially if placed in the front of your house. This will provide years of bright spring blossoms or spectacular fall colors.

More Tips to Help You Improve Your Front Yard Landscape

There are no straightforward, low-cost landscaping options for front yards, especially if you live in warmer regions, but you can minimize your expenses. You’ll need to invest in some sort of irrigation system to tend the front yard lawn and grasses. They also need regular maintenance during summer, which means you’ll need to hire experts to do the job.

Here are some additional tips that can help you maintain your landscape.

Determine which elements should be removed.

The first step to affordable landscaping is subtracting rather than adding. Are there any decors in your yard that look out of place, damaged, or just plain ugly? Remove any unnecessary elements from your front yard for a minimalist look, or replace them with elements that will emphasize its appeal. Also consider where you live, and list everything you want to improve.

Set a reasonable budget.

If you haven’t done any landscaping before, you probably don’t know how much it costs to buy perennials and pot plants, install edges, etc. Setting a budget for your front yard landscaping allows you to enhance your property without going overboard. You may also consider setting a budget for online landscape design services.

Use artificial turf and different types of grass.

Many homeowners think they can save money on water and landscaping expenses if they put artificial turf in their front yards. Artificial grass is actually a little expensive, but it is a very low-maintenance substitute for natural grass that will last long if well-built and of a high standard.

Use ornamental plants.

Ornamental plants and aloe provide plenty of interest to a front yard. But you also need a few larger plants with texture and color to make your yard visually appealing.

Final Thoughts

Landscaping your front yard can be easy on a budget with some low-cost plants, soft lighting, and adorable garden decors. You can use lovely perennials, affordable pond toys, classic-looking fences, rustic mailboxes, solar-powered lights, etc., to keep a landscape design enjoyable and jaw-dropping.

Whether you like soft or hard landscaping, you’ll need to plan ahead for a beautiful front yard. Whatever style you choose, making your yard more attractive is always a wise investment—even more so if you hire the most trusted, experienced, and knowledgeable landscaping experts in your area.



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