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Landscape Maintenance Service Bradenton

Landscaping maintenance is the last stage of lawn care and an ongoing process to sustain the beauty of your landscape and keep it in picture-perfect condition. Year-round landscape maintenance raises your property’s value by keeping it in perfect health and showcasing its beauty in every season.


If you don’t take care of your lawn or backyard, it will lose its lushness and deteriorate over time. When it does, it will cost you more to repair rather than spend on maintenance.

Superior Yard combines environmentally-friendly landscape practices to help maintain and enhance your home or commercial landscape. Our high-quality upkeep services leave your landscapes beautiful, neat, and appealing.


We know how difficult it is to mow, trim and prune the landscaping around your home or business by yourself. If get it wrong, you can damage the property. Also, doing it yourself is time-consuming, the time you could spend with your family.

From majestic old oaks and tree palms, shrubs, and annuals to lush lawns, our trusted landscape company perform services such as trimming, mowing, and pruning at a standard level. We are available weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually.


Lawns are like people, they need nutrition and water in order to grow and flourish. Unfortunately, residing in Florida, most of the time, your lawn bathes under the sun. This is why having good irrigation is essential for maintaining a lovely lawn.