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Lawn Care Maintenance Services

To keep your lawn beautiful, green and healthy, it needs proper care and maintenance. Your lawn is the most visible part of your property, it adds more value to your home or business and it creates a welcoming feeling.


Poorly maintained lawns are at risk of weed infestation. Having a professional do your lawn maintenance will be able to spot problem areas in your lawn and keep it green and healthy.

Superior Yard’s team of professional and trained lawn care experts transforms your garden by giving your lawn grass a nice cut. From mowing, trimming, and hedging, we got it all covered to deliver a beautiful green sea of grass in your yard free of weeds.


Fertilizing your landscape will provide nutrients for your grass and plants for it to grow faster and healthier and also contributes greatly to improving soil fertility.

We provide irrigation services for healthy and vibrant landscapes. As a part of our lawn care service, we also provide non-toxic fertilization for all plants and lawns to keep them safe from bugs and pests.