When to Call Professional Lawn Care Services for Your Home

Lawn Care Services

Every homeowner wants their lawn to be as healthy, vibrant, and lush as possible.  If you have a small lawn, you can probably take care of it yourself; but if you have a larger property, you will most likely require professional lawn care services.

In this article, lawn care services experts at Superior Yard will explain the importance of lawn care, and will talk you through the signs that you should call professional lawn care for help.

What Is Lawn Care and Why Is It Important?

Lawn care is the overall care of your lawn, including the turf and soil. Lawn care entails the treatment of your lawn, including weed control, fertilization, turf management, and soil health. Don’t confuse it with lawn maintenance, though; lawn maintenance focuses on the look and feel of your lawn, while lawn care focuses on the overall health of your soil and lawn.

Signs It’s Time to Call for Lawn Care Services

Lawn Care Services in Bradenton

Your grass has turned brown

The most obvious and visible reason to call for lawn care is when your grass has turned brown. When your grass goes brown, you know it’s time to cut it. This happens due to lack of water and nutrients in the soil. Landscaping professionals know how to turn your grass into lush greens again, but if your grass continues to turn brown after lawn care services, it might be a sign to call a professional irrigation service.

Weeds are growing

Homeowners will likely have difficulty dealing with weeds growing in their lawn. Herbicides are commercially available, but these can cause damage if used incorrectly. Mulching is a good way to prevent weeds from growing, but if there are weeds already in your lawn, you need help from the professionals.

Seasonal damage

Even the best-kept lawns and landscaping can be severely damaged during winter. Whether the grass has been damaged by water, or is cluttered with debris from fallen limbs, a landscaping and lawn care expert can restore it to its former brilliance before summer arrives.

Lawn pests

Turf or lawn pests are animals and insects that can wreak havoc on your lawn if they are not controlled. They come in a wide variety, and each requires a different method of pest control, so it’s best to contact a professional pest control service to handle them.

Drain trouble

A burst drain can damage your lawn. If water doesn’t properly go down your lawn drain, it can overflow into your lawn, ruining your soil. When you see symptoms of drain damage, call a plumbing expert to assess your pipes and repair them if necessary to prevent them from damaging your lawn.


If you observe any of the signs above, it’s time to seek professional assistance. Superior Yard is a dependable landscape company in Bradenton that offers professional lawn care services for residential and commercial properties. Our professional and well-experienced crew is here to lend you a helping hand with your lawn care, irrigation, maintenance, repairs, and other lawn-related needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help with caring for your lawn.



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